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Welcome to
Marcellus Shale gas drilling information with photos

New pipelines for Marcellus Shale exports
Eminent domain is being used in Pa.

In 2016, half the pipelines in Pennsylvania were at least 45 years old with the majority of US pipelines installed before 1970. Corrosion accounted for 28% of serious pipeline accidents.

gas pipeline

This Marcellus Shale gas drilling web site provides photos and information about the Marcellus Shale gas play and unconventional gas well development. You'll find photos of gas drilling sites, pipeline construction, unconventional wells and compressor stations.

Beaver Run Reservoir, Westmoreland County, Pa
Drinking water source for 150,000 people
Gas wells near a reservoir

Photos of drilling rigs, gas well site equipment, hydro fracing or fracking operations, natural gas facilities and gas pipelines.


Centralized Impoundment Dams
Leaks, spills and Pa. DEP fines

Pennsylvania impoundment dam

Photos of centralized impoundment dams used to store fluids for hydraulic fracturing of shale gas wells with additional information from Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection fines and actions.

Thousands of gallons of chemicals per well
Some of the "half of 1%" of chemicals used

Hydraulic fracturing chemicals

Photos provide a firsthand what a Marcellus gas well site looks like with pictures of drilling sites and the array of equipment used to frack Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale unconventional horizontal wells.

Export of gas liquids from Marcellus shale
By railcar and through gas pipelines
Propane on rail cars

Citizens have the right to enjoyment of their property, as well as a healthy environment including clean air and pure water as guaranteed in the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Hydraulic Fracturing - Frac Fluid - Gas Drilling
Photos of Marcellus Shale gas production

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