Centralized Impoundment Dams
Huge plastic-lined pits not yet banned

green fluids in centralized impoundment dam

Updated drilling regulations have been challenged by the oil and gas industry at every turn and Pennsylvania is still without a gas severance tax, while an impact fee for municipalities remains in place.

Earthquakes near Fracking
2.1 earthquake near Claysville, Pa.

Earthquakes near drilling and hydraulic fracturing

Ohio and Pennsylvania have experienced some earthquakes near drilling and fracking that have brought more questions about how they might be related. This earthquake near Claysville (9km ESE of West Liberty, WV) occurred May 11, 2017.

Controversial drilling near schools
Yonker Pad near Ft. Cherry Schools

Yonker Pad drilling

Mount Pleasant Township controversy continues with additional drilling near the school campus which is now surrounded by Marcellus shale wells.

Marcellus & Utica shale pipelines
Eminent domain used for exports ROWs

gas pipeline near Cross Creek Park

In 2016, half the pipelines in Pennsylvania were at least 45 years old with the majority of US pipelines installed before 1970. Corrosion accounted for 28% of serious pipeline accidents. Marcellus Shale gas production went through a boom-bust cycle and began to rebound again in 2017 as additional pipelines were permitted and placed in service.

Beaver Run Reservoir Westmoreland
Drinking water source for 150,000 people

Gas wells near a reservoir

The addition of new drilling sites has led to more compressor stations and gas processing plants being constructed, as well as a new focus on small electric generation plants fueled by natural gas to replace shuttered coal burning power plants.

'Sign of the times' in gas patch
Near Marcellus drilling pad

Homeowners living close to drilling sites sometimes display their frustration with truck traffic in various ways. Here's a road sign seen near an gas drilling pad on Cooper Road in Nottingham Township, Eighty Four, Pa; "PLEASE STOP DESTROYING MY WALL!"

Thousands of gallons of chemicals per well
Photo of the "half of 1%" frac chemical blend

Hydraulic fracturing chemicals

Northeastern and western Pennsylvania remain the primary Marcellus shale gas production areas in that state, while eastern Ohio is home to more Utica shale unconventional horizontal well drilling.

Export of fracked gas liquids
By railcar and through gas pipelines

Propane on rail cars

Citizens have continued to fight for their right of enjoyment of their private property, as well as a healthy environment with "clean air and pure water" as guaranteed by the Pennsylvania Constitution.

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